The FAB Falconry Team - whether Human or Bird - strive to conduct your encounter or event with Professionalism, Knowledge, Passion, Energy and Joy.

Florence: The founder of FAB Falconry - Head Falconer, Florence has trained under the supervision of Paul Manning - Head Falconer at Beaulieu, as well as doing her LANTRA Award at The Hawk Conservancy in Andover. She has acquired skills and knowledge through working with fellow Falconers and is passionate about Falconry, Birds of Prey and Owls. Florence trained her first Bird of Prey when she was just 14 and has since rescued and re-homed many more Birds who have now found their Forever Homes here at FAB Falconry.

Nightingale: Female Harris Hawk, Nightingale, was Florence's first Bird of Prey. Nightingale loves to do the Flying Displays for FAB Falconry as she can show off!

DaVinci: Male Barn Owl, DaVinci, has been with Florence since he was fourteen days old! DaVinci looks magical flying Wedding Rings down the Aisle!

Pascal: Female Common Kestrel, Pascal, was rescued by FAB Falconry from the wild and has special paperwork that allows her to take part in displays and encounters!

Charlie Darwin: Male Barn Owl, Charlie Darwin, joined the Team at FAB Falconry when he needed re-homing. Now in his elder years he still loves meeting new people!

Attenborough: Male European Eagle Owl, Attenborough, was rescued by FAB Falconry with Ada Lovelace and Rosalind Franklin after they had a troubled history. Attenborough loves to show off his massive wings!

Ada Lovelace: Female European Eagle Owl, Ada Lovelace, was rescued alongside Attenborough and Rosalind Franklin. Ada Lovelace is very talkative and loves to chat to people!

Rosalind Franklin: Female European Eagle Owl, Rosalind Franklin, was rescued with Attenborough and Ada Lovelace. Rosalind Franklin likes to be in charge and has huge orange eyes!

Shackleton: Male Snowy Owl, Shackleton has been with FAB Falconry since he was sixteen days old! Shackleton is very cheeky and does a great impersonation of Hedwig!

Isambard Kingdom Brunel: Male Barn Owl, Isambard Kingdom Brunel, came to FAB Falconry through re-homing. He loves to fly to people at our encounter sessions!

Aristotle: Female Tawny Owl, Aristotle, is the Sister to Archimedes. She loves showing everyone how still she can sit!

Archimedes: Male Tawny Owl,  Archimedes, is the Brother of Aristotle. He loves to sit with her and have a cuddle!

Newton: Male Little Owl, Newton, is the Brother of Pythagoras. He is very good at winning staring competitions!

Pythagoras: Female Little Owl, Pythagoras, is the Sister to Newton. She enjoys playing games with her brother!

Beastie: 1966 Series 2a Land Rover, Beastie, provides our team with executive luxury transportation!

Fab Falconry's Birds are all registered with the IBR and have the relevant DEFRA and CITES paperwork required for their species.